Turnkey Manufacturing & Distribution Solution for Local Kickstarter Retail Product

At Sourcentra, we’ve helped customers of all sizes to realize the full retail potential of their products. A good idea isn’t a profitable one unless you can produce it inexpensively, and above all else, get it to market. In this case, a client approached us after his idea was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The customer had developed a DIY fold-up aluminum birdhouse called the Brdi; this brilliant idea required no tools to assemble, it was designed in very bright attractive colors, and since it was made from aluminum, it would last virtually forever. It was a great invention, but as with so many inventions, the inventor needed guidance with every aspect to bring this from concept to reality. That’s when we were approached for a solution.

Apart from staying on budget, one of the most important factors for the client was to have the Brdi manufacturer in the USA; in fact, he wanted it made within 100 miles of his office. The crowd funding aspect of this project was local to the client; he wanted to give back by having it manufactured within his community.

This is where the advantage of our network of manufacturers came in. We were able to partner with our pre-approved local metal fabricator that could manufacture the Brdi; other components such as a dowel pin, the paracord, and the birdseed were all sourced to local vendors. We then developed the packaging in-house and had it manufactured within 30 miles of the customer’s location. All of the components were then delivered to our warehouse in preparation for fulfillment. They were then packaged before being shipped to our network of retailers.

The incredible part of this story is our ability to take a product with retail potential, from concept to an item that is today selling online and on store shelves, and do it in just 60 days. The comprehensive array of services that we provide meant that all the customer had to do was sign off on the artwork, and Sourcentra handled the rest.

The success of this project can be summed up by this note we received from the client. “The people at Sourcentra get IT! They did exactly what they said they were going to do within the time they promised. If you have a product to be manufactured or packaged, no need to look any further than Sourcentra. We are working on another project with them now.”