Outsourcing Solution for the Manufacturing of a Stainless Steel Tick Removal Tool

In the project highlighted here, we helped the Tickease Company bring to market an innovative stainless steel tool designed to remove ticks from both people and pets. Its dual tips and robust construction made it a one-of-a-kind product that was sure to be a success. The client, who contacted us via ThomasNet, was in need of a low cost alternative to manufacturing their product domestically. They were looking for an overseas solution that would allow them to take advantage of lower manufacturing costs.

At Sourcentra, we specialize in helping customers to source products such as this using our network of trusted Chinese manufacturers. There is a broad perception that dealing with Chinese manufacturers is a headache waiting to happen, which it can be without the proper contacts. Without the right connection, locating or even communicating with these vendors can be virtually impossible.

Apart from the original design of the product, this was a complete, turnkey solution. We connected with our pre-approved manufacturer that was ideally suited to produce the quality and quantity that they needed. This matching of resources-to-need guaranteed that it was on budget and with a Sourcentra employee watching over production we can assure quality and eliminate the guessing as to whether the product arrives from overseas as sampled. We also developed and designed a complete packaging solution. This included all of the design work and the four color printing card that was used in a very durable PVC clamshell package. In addition, we also created a custom shipper carton that served double duty as the product POP (point of purchase) display. This, in turn, was shipped in another custom-made master carton that would safely hold multiple POP displays for shipment to retailers. Once all of the components passed a final quality check, they were assembled and shipped to our warehouse to await fulfillment. Every detail is accounted for thus making us a true “ONE SOURCE PARTNER” from concept to delivery…

This final step, our ability to act as the customer’s supply chain manager, was just another layer of value that we added to this project. In fact, we have the ability with our vast network of buyers at retail to facilitate the sale of the Tickease products directly to retailers for the client. Leveraging our retail partners is just another reason why we are a single source solution for manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, and in some cases, getting your product onto the retailers’ shelves.

If this customer had chosen to go it alone, they would have needed a precision metal stamper for the tool, a printer and a thermoformer for the packaging, and a corrugated box manufacturer for the display and shipping cartons. Also necessary would have been a warehouse and distribution center, and possibly a retail representative to get the product onto store shelves.

To quote the client: “It was one of those serendipitous moments, the day I called Sourcentra. I was struggling with finding a company to manufacture my product at a reasonable price and I could not find a company willing to help me with designing my packaging unless I paid a small fortune upfront. Most amazing experience I have ever had in dealing with ANY company. My product is in retail stores today because of all the help from the folks at Sourcentra.”

To learn more about this project, or the services that we provided to make it happen, contact us directly.